Stop Overeating By Eating THIS Food

Dear Body Buds,
This past week, I found a product in my Keto Delivered box that made life a lot easier for me as I love #StrategicEating and powering my body.
–> Olives.
They were made by Oloves, and pre-packaged and portioned so I could throw them in my purse. Quite frankly, forgot about them. They sure came in handy at a time I was hungry and stuck in a place I couldn’t get food for some time.
The sweet young girls graced the stage first in their individual talent costume, then in their part drew for their onstage question. It was a city’s annual princess pageant which crowned young princesses depending on their age range. Being around young, developing ladies is a great love of mine and being in a place of judging is always a good opportunity for me to find value and the good in each person. I get this opportunity frequently as I am a certified judge and member of the Utah Dance Judges Association.
My stomach growled and I realized I had overshot the time I would be able to eat. On a break, I reached in my purse to see if there was anything edible. My hand latched on the Oloves packet I had thrown in my purse a week before and forgotten about!
Wow, they hit the spot!
Though I have never eaten green olives before, usually portioning out black olives form the can to fulfill my Top 3 fats requirement on a daily basis, these olives were delicious! They were lightly seasoned garlic and basil and really met my taste buds with a burst of tantalizing flavor.
One package contained 3.5 grams of fat, which is a fantastic fat-based snack for eating in the Power Foods Lifestyle. Though it falls under a typical Fat peak range of 8-12 grams total fat, this is a perfect snack to help tide you over and prevent you from overeating.
We all know that we tend to overeat when we go too long without eating, and the most important thing to avoid in those situations is carbs (sugar). Those will pull your blood sugar UP, only to drop again at which point your body will turn on the cravings for more carbs (sugar) to help that blood sugar raise again. It’s a tameless rollercoaster until you put proper balancing foods in your body–healthy fats and protein. That’s why olives (85% of their calories come from fat) are so great for the following situations:
  • needing just a little more deliciousness to add to a salad to increase satiety
  • needing something to tide you over during a meeting, event, or commute–stay ahead of your hunger
  • carrying in your purse to places that make you remove “outside” food from your purse (ha ha, for real–I do this alllll the time. What do you think that inside zipper in your purse is for?!)

Here is my favorite fact about olives:

They are an amazing source of both Vitamin E (which serves as a valuable antioxidant in the body and strengthens hair and nails) as well as monounsaturated fat in the form of oleic acid. Getting a proper balance of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats is critical to decrease blood cholesterol (LDL) as well as risk of heart disease.

Thank you to Keto Delivered as well as Oloves for helping me find a great product that will help all of my Body Buds to make more strategic choices while living their lives.


Love your bud,

Kristy Jo

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