The Top 20 Power Foods You Should Be Eating

Dear Body Buds,

The saying “What you eat is what you are” while not literally true, has much truth on an energy level. I love to work with kids the most because their minds are so open to learning! They have not yet been programmed by too many experiences, people, and events.

I like pull out the food advertisements from a newspaper and have the kids look at them with me. I explain that the “energy foods” are those that come from plants or animals. I also explain that the “no energy foods” are those that are in a lot of packaging, boxing, etc.

We go through each food item and have a pop quiz! “Is this an energy item or a no energy item?” I ask. The kids pick it up really quickly as they learn to identify foods that have a lot more natural nutrition to fuel their bodies.

As the majority of people I work with here at Body Buddies are adults, one of the best things I can do to start someone out at a Tier 1 level of eating is get them eating more power foods.


The following is an excerpt from my book, The Power Foods Lifestyle (Chapter 4):

To qualify as a Power Food, one macronutrient number needs to far exceed the other two. For instance, carbohydrate needs to hit a “peak range,” or an appropriate range for a meal while protein and fat are far below their peak ranges. Aiming to hit a peak range for each meal for each type of meal is important as you balance your meals. You will be able to decide if a food has adequate grams of protein, carbohydrate, or fat to properly fuel your body and fulfill a P, C, or F in a meal.

Below are my recommended peak ranges per meal for generally healthy and active adults.  Please remember these ranges are for promoting slow and steady fat loss; we will cover Maintenance in a later chapter.

Protein: 15-30 grams
Carbohydrate: 20-30 grams
Fat: 8-12 grams

When one of a food’s macronutrient grams lands in a peak range, you can use it strategically for a Power Foods meal. There are many foods that will easily fall in the peak range of two or even all three macro categories. The difficult part is in finding a food that hits only one of the three peaks, while the other two stay very minimal in their numbers.

[1] Please keep in mind that it is very difficult to provide ranges that will fit every person’s gender, genetic makeup, metabolism, etc. If you are interested in better understanding the specific ranges with analysis of your current eating habits, blood type, body type, and athletic involvement, please visit the Body Buddies Coaching page.

So here you go. . .  here is my list of top 20 Power Foods–5 from each of our 4 categories in the Power Foods Lifestyle (photos come from my collection of recipe books I have been creating since 2012 when my journey started!):


  1. Chicken Breast (Crispy Chicken Nuggets–PFL Recipe Book, Volume 1)crispy-chicken-nuggets
  2. Egg Whites (Tex Mex Omelet–PFL Recipe Book Volume 3)tex-mex-omelet
  3. Ground Turkey (Tip Top Turkey Burgers–Body Buddies World)turkey-burger-wraps 
  4. Tilapia (Lemon Cilantro Fish–PFL Recipe Book Volume 2)lemon-cilantro-fish
  5. Protein Powder (the right kind for you!…Blueberry Power Shake–PFL Recipe Book Volume 1)blueberry-power-shake


  1. Oats (Fruit Overnight Oats–PFL Recipe Book Volume 3)fruit-overnight-oats
  2. Brown Rice (Chicken Broccoli Rice–PFL Recipe Book Volume 2)chicken-broccoli-delight
  3. Blueberries — (Blueberry Oatmeal Crepes, PFL Recipe Book Volume 1)blueberry-crepes
  4. Yams (Cinni Scramble–PFL Recipe Book Volume 1)cinni-scramble
  5. Quinoa (Chicken Quinoa Casserole–PFL Recipe Book, Volume 3)chicken-quinoa-casserole


  1. Avocado (Hungry Man Burrito–PFL Recipe Book Volume 1)hungry-man-burrito
  2. Coconut Oil (Yippee Skippies Recipe–Body Buddies World)yippy-skippies
  3. Olives (Eat Olive It —PFL Recipe Book Volume 2)eat-olive-it-kristy-hunts-conflicted-copy-2015-01-22
  4. Almonds (Nom Nom Chicken Salad–PFL Recipe Book Volume 3)nom-nom-chicken-salad
  5. 100% Natural Peanut Butter (PB Pumpkin Kisses–PFL Recipe Book Volume 3)pb-pumpkin-kisses


  1. Spinach (Garlic Chicken and Radish Salad–PFL Recipe Book Volume 2)garlic-chicken-and-radish-salad-kristy-hunts-conflicted-copy-2015-01-22
  2. Broccoli (Oregano Chicken–PFL Recipe Book Volume 1)oregano-chicken
  3. Asparagus (Mexican Egg White Pie–PFL Recipe Book Volume 2)mexican-egg-white-pie-kristy-hunts-conflicted-copy-2015-01-22
  4. Bell Peppers (Chicken Salad Boats–PFL Recipe Book Volume 3)chicken-salad-boats
  5. Cauliflower (Cauli-Taters–PFL Recipe Book Volume 2)cauli-taters

Want my expanded Power Foods List? Click here to download it for free.

I hope you remember that changing your food relationship is a journey, not a destination. Here at Body Buddies we want to create sustainable lifestyle changes.

I want to see you learn a new principle, seek to apply it, seek to adapt your lifestyle to be in conjunction with that principle in a manner that is psychologically sound, and continue living that principle.

It’s a process that often takes coaching, particularly when there are food addictions, binge eating tendencies, fears of food, or specific aesthetics goals or body dysmorphia happening.

Do your best, know that I believe in you, and be SURE to join our private Facebook group for meal ideas and successes (food pics TOTALLY welcome so long as you’re trying to live the PFL)!

Love your bud,

Kristy Jo




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