Tiers of the Power Foods Lifestyle | Ditch the All-Or-Nothing Thinking!

Do you have all-or-nothing thinking when it comes to Dieting and Nutrition?

Are you guilty of jumping on the latest bandwagon for nutrition and dieting, done well for a time, then felt completely disappointed in yourself as life happened and you weren’t able to finish strong? If so, you’re not alone. A recent study found that only 20% of people who start a diet make it to the one week mark, and of those people, only 20% make it to the 3-month mark.

Is there any wonder there is SUCH a big business for diets, nutritional dogmas, weight loss products, and supplements?

I cringe and shake my head as I observe what’s happening in our society. Simultaneously, my heart fills with gratitude that I was able to exit the pool of frustration I personally was swimming in, and “dry off.”

Now, I’m being the “lifeguard” trying to pull YOU out of the water too! (funny thing is–I was a lifeguard for over 8 years through my teenage years and early twenties!).

So here’s the good news: I honest-to-goodness have a pathway to a NEW way of thinking, eating, and even LOOKING at food. It’s changed thousands of people’s lives already. I KNOW it works. The key is that you get to the be the one to go through the education process

Yep!  Personal responsibility, baby! But I KNOW you can do it and that you’re a strong person who believes in yourself too!

So let’s get on with the training on how to eliminate all-or-nothing thinking when it comes to nutrition and food. In this blog post, I have placed five (5) of my most CRITICAL training videos around the Power Foods Lifestyle.

These videos will help introduce you to the reason for Tiers in the PFL, then introduce each Tier and its guidelines to you one-by-one.

You will quickly learn that Tier 4 isn’t a Tier at all, but more of a “Hat” that each Tier can wear at any time. It’s pretty cool and fun to play around with as you go about your nutrition.

Please be advised this training will work BEST after you have downloaded my FREE PFL Cheat Sheet (seriously, if you have not read this yet–STOP RIGHT NOW and go get it), and then watched my FREE Accelerated PFL Webinar.

Yeah, lots of homework. I know.

But all three of these CRITICAL PARTS of your  education are FREE, TOTALLY AVAILABLE ON DEMAND, and JAM-PACKED with golden nuggets that others are just praying to find.

So . . . let’s get all three of those done within the next 2-3 days, okay?

Yep, that’s what I do.

I COACH you into your new lifestyle.

And if there is one thing I know, it’s that our brains need a task to accomplish.So here’s your tasks:

  1. Download the FREE Power Foods Lifestyle Cheat Sheet (and read every word! Absorb it entirely!) 
  2. Watch the FREE Power Foods Lifestyle Accelerator Webinar (and take notes!)–COMING SOON! 
  3. Go through the five (5) Videos below to train yourself on the Tiers of the Power Foods Lifestyle.

The Power Foods Lifestyle (PFL) is about strategy of putting food into your body wisely for nutrition science AND psychology. The key to sustainability is focusing on the right level of intensity at the right time in the right way.

This lifestyle is not an all-or-nothing thinking approach toward food like other diets and programs.

Instead of falling off the wagon or giving up, we can decrease the gap where most people “give up” by understanding where you’re at emotionally and with the overwhelm in your life. From there, set goals and make baby steps of progress into the next level. “Define the grey area between black and white” as I always say.

When it’s defined, you can trust your efforts and gain psychological confidence that you’re doing enough for right now. Sure, you all can always do better, but the key to long-term success is to get your emotions and overwhelm out of the way.


Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Where am I at right now in the amount of focus and attention I can give my nutrition right now? 
  2. Which Tier is the best place to be right now during this season? (A season is 8-12 weeks long) 
  3. Which Tier is a good goal for me to get to in sustainability?

You will dial in (go up in Tiers) or dial back (go down in Tiers) many times over your life. The key to not feel like any backward calibration in Tiers is a “setback.” Do this by reflecting about Questions #1 and #2. Take some time to journal the answers for right now as this will change over time.

Be kind and patient with yourself and do not compare today’s efforts to those of days gone by.

No longer are you allowed to be feel like a failure; rather, identify which Tier you’re in. Give yourself specific actions and behaviors for where you’re at right now.

Tier 1 is where many people will begin when they haven’t been trying anything special with their nutrition at all. This is a GREAT starting point.

This is the level that many people unknowingly call “clean eating” –(Note: this is a term we do not use here at the Power Foods Lifestyle. We are “strategic eaters” and define our approach by Tiers).

Tier 1 is the fall-back–the minimum place you should live when there are difficult life events going on. Crises in life will happen, but no longer is that an excuse for deviating from these bare-bones basics.

Tier 1 Principles:

  • Start eating more Power Foods using the Body Buddies Power Foods List. Choose 1-2 foods from each macronutrient category.  Get familiar with which foods fall under which macronutrient category. You can do this through shopping from the Power Foods list. 
  • Eat more vegetables. They help to cleanse your organs and detoxify your body. Seek to eat a variety of colors each day. 
  • Drink more water and start skipping the lattes, fruit juices, sodas, etc. 
  • Start limiting sweets — instead of 3 cookies, I can have 1 cookie.

Tier 2 is a great place to seek to achieve and maintain for the rest of your life.

Let’s review our meal construction acronyms here. These paired meals will help you burn fat, lower blood sugar levels, absorb more nutrients for use in your body, will help your brain function at its best, decrease inflammation, and feel POWERFUL.

PVC: Protein-Veggie-Carb

PVF: Protein-Veggie-Carb-Fat

PVCF: Protein-Veggie-Carb-Fat

Tier 2 is where you start to pay attention to pairing your foods wisely according to PFL meal construction.

Tier 2 Principles:

  • Each meal you eat is paired wisely 50-70% of the time. 
  • Eat a veggie with every meal you eat (including breakfast). 
  • Water is your primary beverage. It’s okay to have a random cup of milk, fruit juice, or soda, but it’s RARE. 
  • Practice of one of the two Indulgence Styles: 
    • Abstainer: You’re an Abstainer if you want to eat the cookie, but once you eat it, you cant stop. You put 2, 3, 4+ cookies in your mouth and feel guilty and shameful about it. 
    • Moderator: You’re a Moderator if you can eat a cookie, be satisfied, and eat strategically the rest of the time. If you are told that you can’t have it, you’ll be upset. You had a little more ease tempering your indulging.

Tier 3 is where most of the MAGIC happens in a body composition change.

Peak Ranges are key for you to memorize. These ranges will train you on the base acronyms portion size that help you  build your own “strategy” that offers flexibility in which foods you use to fulfill the strategy. Learning the Peak Ranges helps you look at your labels like a Strategist.

Do not look at the calories; rather, look at the composition of the food and energy contributed. These Peak Ranges will help you manipulate your meals so you are achieving structured meals. Tier 3 is all about Manipulation Mode.

Initial Peak Ranges are assuming 6 Meals per day of any mixture of PVC or PVF meals. This is designed for a semi-active woman looking to lose 10-15 pounds with a sustainable 1,500 calories per day. Any adaptations from this straightforward approach should be adapted with total number of meals, and layering on energy nutrients.

Protein: 15-30 grams of Protein per meal (assuming 6 meals/day)

Carbohydrates: 20-30 grams of Total Carbohydrates per PVC or PVCF meal (no minimum; no maximum)

Fats: 8-12 grams of Total Fat per PVF or PVCF meal (2 minimum; no maximum)

Tier 3 Principles:

  • Adhere to Peak Ranges 71-90% of the time. 
  • For more substantial transformation, adhere to Peak Ranges 91-100% of the time for your strategy. 
  • Practice the right strategy for your body and your desired goal outcome. Most people in Tier 3 should shoot for a PVF baseline. 
  • Eat a veggie with every meal you eat (including breakfast). 
  • Water is your primary beverage. Rarely do you indulge in other beverages. 
  • Practice of one of the two Indulgence Styles with Exactness: 
    • Abstainer: 1 Indulgence meal per week. Plan it, Earn it, Respect It. Stop eating when you’re full. 
    • Moderator: 20-30 grams of Carbs (any non-strategic or strategic carbohydrate) used in a PVC or PVCF meal maximum 1x/day. This is how you can eat strategically without giving up the foods you love the most. Take away the apathy and still accelerate to those goals!

Tier 4 is a “hat” that each Tier can wear. Tier 4 offers principles that you might apply at any time, some that may be important to you, and some that you are just not ready for–no matter how long you have been in the lifestyle.

Applying ALL of the Tier 4 Principles in a Tier 2, but especially a Tier 3, will not be sustainable. I’ve never seen it. And when I say ‘sustainable,’ I’m talking for over 365 days.

So. . . if YOU are the person who ends up doing that, I expect an email  demonstrating how you proved me wrong and I will be happy to interview your for the Podcast and learn from you!

A Little About MY personal approach:

I  apply most of Tier 4 principles at all times, but vasciallate between Tier 2 and Tier 3. When I’m stressed out of my mind with new projects, life events, etc., you’ll find me in a Tier 2.

When I’m preparing for a photo or video shoot where I need to have a more defined look, I will dial into Tier 3. The difference between my Tier 2 and Tier 3 is 10-15 pounds from 8-12 weeks of shifting between the principles.

I share my personal information just to help you see the reality of shifting, and set yourself up for focusing on habits shift, not outlandish results in an unrealistic time-frame. 

Tier 4 Principles: these may not impact your body composition, but they WILL impact your internal function, organ capacity, and longevity.

  • Understand the way that the media works to create confusion in your mind and get you to buy products and programs that really don’t matter in the long run. Learn to see through Sensationalist headlines. 
  • Artificial sweeteners: Sucralose, Asparatame, Truvia, Sweet ‘n Low, etc. 
  • Organic Produce — view the Dirty Dozen here 
  • Grass-fed Beef and Butter 
  • Hormone-Free, Organic Poultry 
  • Hormone -Free, Nitrate-Free Meats 
  • Cage-Free, Free-Range Eggs 
  • Gluten-Free 
  • Dairy-Free 
  • Specific Nutrient Deficiencies 
  • Food Allergens 
  • Elimination of Hydrogenated Fats: Partially or Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Soybean Oil, and Canola Oil