Tonya Learns to Love Herself For Lasting Changes

Dear Body Buds,

It’s always a privilege when I get an email from somebody who tells me of their success with the Power Foods Lifestyle. Tonya was one of those that kept her story to herself . . . until I pulled it out of her!

Tonya had won my book in a contest after liking the Body Buddies Facebook page on the recommendation from a friend. She got lucky and won the paperback book I was giving away, from which she said, “I immediately connected to you.”

After reading the book, Tonya made changes in her nutritional intake and ended up losing 30 pounds!

“I didn’t have a good ‘before’ picture because I refused to have pictures taken of me. I’m making LIFETIME changes and will not be ashamed of who I am in the process. I’m learning to love me because the only way to make a true change is to change the way I think and accept me all the time.”


Tonya’s email ended with, “Thanks for being a buddy :).”

Of course, Tonya! That’s what I am here for! Keep up the good work and remember to #PowerYourBody one meal, one workout, one day at a time!

Love your bud,

Kristy Jo




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