The Top 3 Bodyweight Exercises for TIGHT Summer Legs

Have you ever wanted tight summer legs that are toned, defined, and look GREAT in a swimsuit or shorts? Well, here’s the good news! Winter is the PERFECT time to be sculpting your gorgeous legs to reveal in the summer!

Body Buds, we are all created in different shapes and sizes, and that is wonderful! I hope you are looking yourself in the eyes each day to compliment yourself, rather than tear yourself down. After all, fitness should be an empowering activity, not a self-denigrating one!

As you are working on your own self-improvement both inside and out, here are a few tips for the outside! I LOVE strategically sculpting the muscles to shape them, then creating a chemical environment in my body to reduce body fat and actually SHOW the muscles.

There isn’t a day that goes by where I am not soooo grateful for the Power Foods Lifestyle and what it has done in transforming my body from “skinny fat” to a lean, toned, high-performance vehicle for my life!

So . . . let’s go over the top 3 exercises for sculpting those legs. I’ve put the name and the exercise demo below–the very videos that come from my Body Buddies 8-week Challenge!

(Have you competed the challenge yet? If not, that is the BEST starting place for getting your nutrition, fitness, and mindset on point and learning the ins and outs of what NOT to do and what TO do. Learn more here).

Bulgarian Lunges
(works the glutes, hamstrings, and quads)

Complete 3x/week
2-4 sets per leg (no rest, just alternate legs)
Tempo 2:2
10-12 reps per leg

Plank with Ham Curl
(works the shoulders, abs, and hamstrings)

Complete 3x/week
2-4 sets per leg (no rest, just alternate legs)
Tempo 2:2
10-12 reps per leg

Glute Bridges
(works the glutes, low back, and hamstrings)

Complete 3x/week
2-4 sets with 45 second rest
Tempo 2:2
10-12 reps

Complete these three exercises 3x/week as directed and in 2-3 weeks you will be feeling stronger in your quads, hamstrings, and glutes!
Your bum will begin to feel a bit more lifted in your jeans, and you’ll feel stronger than ever! 
When you’re ready, check out the 8-week Challenge
(everyone should do it at least ONCE) by clicking the image below:
Get after it and stay positive! I’m cheering for you!
Love your bud,
Kristy Jo



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