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When you’re ready to hit the ground running with your weight loss, muscle gains, or health correction goals, tracking your macros  in My Fitness Pal can be one of the best places to start and heighten your awareness.

In this blog post, I will explain to you what macronutrients (macros) are,  how they are more important to track than calories,  and  some other great tips to help you accelerate into those exciting “oh my gosh, what have you been doing?!s.

“Being aware of my body and what it truly needs to function as an athlete has helped me to trust the Power Foods Lifestyle even more. Kristy helped me learn about tracking my macros and the power it has given me is unreal! I am so much more aware of how food affects my energy and fuels my workouts and I know exactly what nutrients I’m getting from each meal. There is no more guessing. I am totally empowered and love knowing that I’m in control of my body!” -N. Best, Utah

What are Macronutrients?

Let’s turn to page of The Power Foods Lifestyle for this definition:

Macro = Big; Micro = Small; Nutrient = Nourishment.

When we talk about macronutrients, let’s call them macros for short. We’re talking about big nutrients. The big nutrients in your food are known for providing your body with energy. There are three, and you should know them backward and forward: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

To keep things simple in the process of your learning, I’ll tell you the basics of what each macronutrients’ role is:

  • Protein: amino acids (aka building blocks of muscle and basically every cell) and blood sugar stabilizer
  • Carbohydrates: sugars (fuel for muscles and brain)
  • Fats: hormone regulators and satiety inducing; the brain’s second form of fuel

In the Power Foods Lifestyle, I teach you how to pair your macros into balanced meals that will increase your nutrient absorption, regulate hormones, help you build lean muscle, lose body  fat, and blast through brain fog.

If you’re ready to learn those strategies, the best place to start is with my PFL Starter Kit.

How to Track Your Macros

  1. Download the My Fitness Pal App — click here for Google Play and here for the App Store.
  2. Look up individual foods that you eat each day.
  3. Double check portion and serving sizes–there are many that are entered incorrectly! When you’re in the process of learning, double check several foods against each other, or post a screen shot in our private Facebook group: Power Foods Lifestyle Champions. Our community can help you determine if you’re logging the right food.
  4. Add #PFL or your own Recipes using the “Add A Recipe” feature. You can save PFL Recipes to log later when making them again and save yourself time.
  5. Check Daily Macros and Micros — Once I set a person’s custom macros, I have them focus only on these numbers as the calories will work themselves out. Once we are consistent with food choices, I can have you start looking at micros. We can make wise exchanges for foods you may be low in, and start to understand a natural rotation of foods to ensure you’re getting all vital nourishment from real food.(Note: I’ve never once logged one of my “optimal” PFL meal plans and had it be deficient in any micronutrients–interestingly enough, any extremism in strategy WILL result in needing to supplement. The PFL strategy that ensures you get everything? 4 PVF meals, 1 PVC meal, and 1 PVFc meal with 1/2 c. fruit as the c).
  6. Do NOT worry about My Fitness Pal’s algorithm for what you “should” be doing — they’re rarely correct!I highly recommend you watch the video below!

Check out the video below to see me walk you through it (filmed December 2017–sorry if you’re watching when there are updated features!).

Since you’ll be tracking your foods, click on this image  and I’ll link you up to the one I recommend on Amazon!

Using a scale is really critical during the learning phase of tracking your foods (4-8 weeks) until you have trained your eyes to know how much is in any given portion of food you are enjoying!

I am excited for you to start gaining more awareness, STOP the all-or-nothing game, and work to find sustainable solutions.

Our Body Buddies Family is cheering you on!

Love your bud,


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