Trishia Fights Symptoms of MS with the Power Foods Lifestyle

“I was so tired, to the point it took everything I had to get out of bed, my feet hurt at first, and my hands were swollen it hurt to bend my fingers. It started to progress. My legs began to have severe shooting, sharp and burning pain, my fatigue was worsening.”

Receiving letters like the following are the sole reason that I continue to do what I do here at Body Buddies. My eyes are filled with tears and gratitude to Trishia for sharing her story, and I hope this will inspire even one person to stand up for their health (and their life).

*This letter is shared with permission.

Dear Kristy Jo,

I started reading your book, The Power Foods Lifestyle, back in August 2017. A friend recommended you to me.

I was not well at all in health, and I was emotionally sick.

It started back in May 2017 when the doctors feared I had experienced a stroke. My vision went blurry, I lost track of time, and was very weak on one side. They ran every blood test under the sun, but it came up every time that I was completely healthy.

My body said otherwise.

I was so tired to the point it took everything I had to get out of bed. My feet hurt at first, and my
hands were swollen–it hurt to bend my fingers.

The pain started to progress.

My legs began to have severe shooting, sharp and burning pain. My fatigue was worsening. Then my MRI results came in: the doctors said it appeared to be the beginning stages of MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

I had to wait for a neurology appointment for four months. I had no idea how I was going to survive the next four months. I became very depressed.

Lo and behold! My friend handed me a name and website: Body Buddies/Kristy Jo Hunt

That’s when everything began to change for me.

I started with the mindset first. I got my mind prepared for this journey from a negative state to a more positive one. That was difficult, but I wanted to be my active, fun, energetic self again–no matter what it took.

Then, I began with my change in foods. Now, I didn’t start off slowly; I was already in so much pain this shift wouldn’t matter. I went all out. I did the PVF for a couple days, and incorporated in my PVFC on my good workout days.

I did my 10 minute workouts with KJo on You Tube everyday. Some days were harder than others; my good days I did a
run on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Sometimes all I could do was a five minute walk and maybe a few crunches, but I did it!
I was worried about the spike elk hunt. I love this hunt! How was I going to make it through?

I was browsing on the Body Buddies Facebook page and noticed the 10 day Detox.

I did it! I was feeling stronger.

I was now going to the gym lifting weights for strength, and doing my running every
morning (20-40 min 3-4 times a week, playing with the incline to get ready for the steep
mountain hikes).

My doctor’s appointment was finally here! I was so exited to know something, but results showed nothing. I was so disappointed. They put me on a medication to see if it would help.

It didn’t! A week later I was rushed from work in an ambulance to ER–possible stroke–again!!

They found nothing! But I didn’t let it get me down, I had a hunt to prepare for.

I listened to most of KJo’s Rants and some podcasts.

Did all her suggestions.

Kept a journal on my progress, and wrote little notes of encouragement everywhere in my house. I continued on with my PFL. (Oh, and informed my Dr. I stopped taking that medication!).

How did my hunt go? I got my spike!

It wasn’t easy, but it was the most pleasant and fulfilling hunt ever!

The last two years of hunting, I was so negative, so out of shape, and so unhealthy with my food choices. If I had to climb a hill, I’d complain, throw my gun down, and say,”Never again will I hunt.”

(Yes, very ugly tantrum on the mountain.)

My husband was kinda hesitant to take me anymore for obvious reasons.

This year, the hike was farther into the canyon, about 2 hours up a steep thick with scrub oak and mahogany. Every day I woke up
early to get up that mountain before day break. My buddies, of course, knew I was sick and would give me my rest breaks. But I never complained–not once.

As a matter of fact it was me encouraging them.

The hunt was almost over–only two days left. I saw him–my spike. It took us all day to get to him and two hours to wait for him, but he jumped out and I got him.

Now, to get him off the mountain.

The next day it was just my husband and I. We quartered him out and packed up and down that mountain 200 pounds of meat. I would get smacked in the eye with a branch, say ouch, and my husband would ask if I was alright.

I’d tell him, “I have another eye, lets go.”

Sometime in our day my husband asked, “What is different this year? How are you remaining so calm and I’m not?”

I replied, “It’s a mindset. Think of this being a quaint little hike up the canyon, and our reward is a nice elk steak. You can thank Kristy Jo and God too.”

I am a different person today. My friends have noticed a difference in attitude, in my look, and physical appearance. Not that my weight was a worry as much as my health, but a perk was I was 170 pounds to start.

I am now 150.

On my lunch breaks everyone always comments, You always eat such good food and it looks so yummy.

Am I 100%? No, not yet. But I’m getting there. I’m better than I was. From not being able most days to walk 5 minutes to climbing a mountain.

I’m 53 years old, have 7 kids, and 12 grand-kids.

I recently visited the doctor to check my vitals. Everything was good & stable. The doctor said to keep doing your program because it’s definitely working.

My journey has just begun.

I changed my thinking, my foods, followed the PFL program and here I am, ready for my next mountain to climb. I believe that the foods I was putting into my body was a major problem with my health issues. I will still work with doctors and get a complete diagnosis, but the Power Foods Lifestyle is a game-changer.

I’m now working on my muscle mass and have my husband doing his 10-day detox for the first time.

So Body Buddies friends, begin your journey, find your mountain, and climb it.
Much Love,
Trishia Starley

Fillmore, Utah, USA