Use A Resistance Band for Powerful Legs

Are you ready to build more powerful legs without all the pain in your back and knees?

It’s time to use my favorite band–check out the different weights you can use here.8-Week Challenge

I’ve been integrating a resistance band into my training the past 6 months and seen some SERIOUS different in the power of my legs.

Having a severe case of scoliosis but a burning passion for training has required me to think outside the box for helping my body function the best it can.

Below are a few of the exercises I do 2x/week with my Resistance band.

Read and watch the videos closely, then give them a try! Hopefully you’re a part of Body Buddies World so you can tell me how it goes!

Decline Press w/ Resistance Band

I love to press outward and get the glutes engaged before bending the knees and engaging the glute/ham tie-in. When I’m focusing on training glutes, I rarely bring my knees all the way toward my armpits; it’s more of a half range of motion effort.

Drive through the heels, press out with the knees, and keep your weight lighter than most would tell you. Back when I was pushing heavy weights, I would have 3-5 45 lb. plates on both sides of the machine (270-450 lb.) but now, I rarely do much more than 1, maybe 2 plates on each side.

I keep the main weight off, go more slowly, and use the band to create more tension in the glutes and hammies.

Side Steps and Frog Jumps
Now, here is an exercise that is a bit more plyometric-based movements. I love the hopscotch as it provides more of a challenge to me on a mental level. Anything that is competitive or task-based makes me really excited, so it is great to come up with agility drills, pretend like I’m a Gatorade athlete in a commercial in an NFL stadium.

Smith Machine Squats with a Resistance Band
I used to love going heavy on my Smith Machine Squats! But now, I use my band and NO weight (seriously look at the video–no weight). I focus on a very slow tempo and pressing outward with my knees. Driving through the heel and positioning my feet slightly forward so I’m leaning back into the bar helps me dial in on hitting that glute/ham tie-in that is so pervasively the problem area for women!

Why am I squatting in my socks! It’s WAY more ergonomically feasible–try it and tell me you don’t feel the difference! 🙂

The key for me to train my legs hard-core with very little pain has been three-fold:

  1. Decrease the weight I ever put directly on my spine. That means no weighted lunges, squats, dead lifts at all, and much lighter weight in pressing than usual.
  2. Use a resistance band  (this amazon link will take you to the exact one I use) to increase tension  in the glutes and protect my knees from internal rotation.
  3. Slow down my movements from a typical 2:2 tempo to nearly a 4:4 tempo. Very slow and controlled while also focusing a ton on balance and precision.Grab your own resistance band and start giving these exercises a try!Love your bud,#CoachKristy Jo




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