“Why in the World Would I Run a Kajillion Miles to Never Lose a Pound?”

Dear Body Buds,

There are times I come across an individual who so wholly grasps the message of Body Buddies and what it means to live a strategically healthy lifestyle that I ask them to share their story. Lindsey is one these individuals.

As a beautiful mom of two and a friend from my middle and high school years, I was keenly interested in seeing if she would latch onto the message and capture all that strategy can do in one’s life. She exceeded any expectation I had and I truly am delighted for her!

Enjoy her story. I’m sure you’ll be as inspired as I was. (Way to go, Linds!)

Love your bud,

Kristy Jo

“If there is one thing in the world that is so frustrating is working towards a weight loss goal and never seeing the scale change…especially after having a baby!

I am a mom of 2. I gained the typical weight after I got married (forget the Freshman 15, it was the Marriage 15 for me.) I probably worked off 5 and was up 10.

Then the exciting time for babies came…. yup another 10-15 pounds per kid and suddenly you are seeing numbers you never knew you would see!

After my 2 kids, I was 40 pounds larger than pre-marriage. It was tough on my self esteem. I felt HUGE, and thought, now what am I going to do? I have to kids that keep me busy, cooking, cleaning, and showering is a luxury most days. How on earth am I going to get back into shape?

I started small by walking in the morning with some friends before my kids got up and before my 1husband had to leave for work. When I first started going up the massive hill with them, I couldn’t even reach the top without being completely winded and having to stop. It was depressing that I had gotten so out of shape. I had always loved sports and going to the gym previously.

I learned I missed exercising and would run occasionally with them. The stronger I got the easier it got to make it up the hill, and easier to run with them, the less I feared my own weaknesses in health. I saw a little weight loss.

I decided to set a lofty goal of running a half marathon because I had seen Extreme Weight Loss participants, or Biggest Loser participants do it, so why couldn’t I? I have NEVER been a runner, but I had an ambition that I just wanted to finish that I started training.

Several months later, the race came… and I FINISHED!! I even finished better than I anticipated. What a great feeling!

So I trained for a secnd half marathon. I was still losing weight, trying to eat well, and exercise seemed to be working.

Well, my second half marathon was six months after the previous half. I was stronger, healthier, and rocked it! I shaved almost 20 minutes off my time. And even though I should have been encouraged. I had actually gotten discouraged because recently after all the mileage I had put in I couldn’t lose a pound. So I was giving up. Why in the world would I run a kajillion miles to never lose a pound?

I gave up. I would still run occasionally, but I turned to insanity workouts, more weights, less cardio.

Nothing changed, although I seemed a little more toned nothing really seemed to be changing.

That’s when I decided to try out Body Buddies. Kristy and I were high school friends and I figured that I really couldn’t lose anything for trying. I was at a stand-still and didn’t know what to do.

I signed up for her 8-week challenge. I started out skeptical and slowly. I tried to understand the construction of meals, the timing of meals, the exercises, and really grasp the WHYs of what I was doing.

As I tried to stick to it, I wasn’t perfect. I would put meals together that weren’t right. But I kept trying until it got easier to put the right foods together.

After several weeks I was starting to see the weight come off slowly. Weekends seemed to bring the numbers back up, but as I tried to be consistent, I felt better, healthier, and was losing weight. I had to do some adjustments that my body needed.

The Facebook group was great for encouragement and for learning new things that pertained specifically to me. Kristy, answered a ton of questions that I had a long the way, and encouraged me to keep going strong whenever I failed!

At the end of the 8-week challenge, I lost inches from everywhere, lost 12 pounds (which I couldn’t do on my own previously), and had a wealth of knowledge of how to go forward so it wasn’t a diet, but a true lifestyle change! I can now say I have lost all the baby and marriage weight, and I feel and look healthy again. That is all I wanted!

It is possible, it is hard, but in the end, having your health really is worth it!”

–Lindsey Denham




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